The project «A történelem viharában - Aktív polgárok Európában» will be funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”

Applicable to the Strand 2 - Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning”

Participation: The project involved 137 citizens, notably 25 participants from the municipality Kralova nad Vahom (Slovakia), notably 16 participants from the municipality Szabadszentkirály (Hungary), notably 14 participants from the municipality of Szentkiralyszabadja (Hungary), notably 14 participants from the municipality of Szentkirály (Hungary), notably 10 participants from the municipality Királyszentistván (Hungary), notably 15 participants from the municipality Bakonyszentkirály (Hungary), notably 15 participants from the municipality Porrogszentkirály (Hungary), notably 18 participants from the municipality Szeghalom (Hungary), notably 10 participants from the KUNADACS (Hungary).

Location/ Dates: The event was organised in municipality Sancraiu, Romania, from 26/08/2016 to 29/08/2016

Short description:
Sancraiu Municipality organized a town twinning meeting between 26th August and 29th August 2016.Participating 11 twin towns. The meetings objective was to preserve the identity of communities, regardless of national borders prevailing cultural, economic, intellectual, spiritual Hungarian unit, based on historical reconciliation with equal rights and opportunities for learning and the creation of a European integration and building personal relations between the members of the alliance the settlements of the youth population relationships. It was anticipated that 975 local citizens and more than137 delegates attend the event. The program we have planned consists of events (folk song and dance performances, cultural programs, folk art exhibitions, brainstorming, live activities) that will facilitate meetings between the representatives of different partner towns, will foster intercultural dialogue and exchange of opinions and experiences in the spirit of tolerance and reverence for the common European past and culture.The events mentioned above will strengthen and diversify partner town relations, will allow us to know and develop respect for each other’s values and will promote awareness of our common European cultural heritage.By raising awareness of commemorations of major historical turning points in recent European history, citizens could meaningfully engage in a reflection on the origins of the EU, the history of European integration as a civilising project preserving peace among its members, and finally on today’s Europe, thereby moving beyond the past and building the future.
A significant aim of the event was to raise the participants’ awareness of their European citizenship by familiarizing them with their fundamental rights and the opportunities provided by the EU, with special regard to submitting applications and obtaining grants, and last, but not least, by encouraging expression of opinion and active participation in order to build the common Europe.


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